Children’s Birthday Party Deals in Australia

It’s Elizabeth’s birthday this week, and for some time we have known exactly what we were going to do for her birthday treat. A day out at Wet ‘n’ Wild, a water based theme park down on the Gold Coast, for her and 10 of her friends.

That’s where we should have gone on Saturday, but as the day approached it was obvious that for most of Queensland things were already wet and wild.

Yes, it was pouring down! Torrential rain actually and even the temperature had dropped down to 21° C. That, to us Queenslanders, is pretty chilly.

So Wet ‘n’ Wild was off.

What did we do instead? A quick phone call on Friday afternoon and it was all booked. We went…

Ten Pin Bowling

Here’s how that went.

Everybody came round our house at 11 AM on Saturday morning, leaving their umbrellas outside, of course.

UmbrellasThe kids had a play for around an hour and then we piled into four separate cars and drove to the north side of the city to the bowling alley. When we got there, we weren’t the only people having a kids party, there were about 6 other parties going on.

For those who like to know, it cost $19.90 per child for the kids party deal on offer. For that they got one game of ten pin bowling each which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

I checked the UK for a similar deal, over there it would have cost £12.50, so at current exchange rates the prices are almost identical.

The kids just loved the bowling.

The thrill of releasing the ball…

Birthday Girl Bowling 1The subconscious attempts at telekinesis to move the bowling ball where you want it…

Birthday Girl Bowling 2The anguish of waiting for the ball to get to the other end of the alley…

Birthday Girl Bowling 3And the despair when you know your ball is heading for the gutter…

Birthday Girl Bowling 4With the game over, it was time to eat. The kids could choose from chicken nuggets and chips or hotdog and chips. With orange juice all round…

FoodAfter lunch, time to play on the amusements…

AmusementsYou could also win tickets in these amusements and tickets mean prizes…

PrizesThis kids party deal also included party hats and, for when the party was over, a goody bag for each of the kids to take home.

Hats and Party BagsBut we had to supply our own birthday cake…

Birthday CakeNot a bad deal in all, and for us, it saved the day. Most importantly though, Elizabeth had a fantastic birthday.

Happy birthday Elizabeth 🙂

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  • Warwick Wakefield March 5, 2013, 3:45 pm |

    Hey Bob,
    wonderful to read how you take care of your daughter (and her friends.)
    Your daughter is very lucky; she’s got a beaut dad.


    • BobinOz March 5, 2013, 9:51 pm |

      Thanks Warwick, my daughter tells me I’m the best daddy in the world, so that must be right, mustn’t it? 🙂



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