Interesting Facts About Australia #2

We don’t much seem to have letterboxes on doors here. Every house I have seen so far has a post box, American-style, normally located just outside the property by the driveway entrance. These post boxes are targets for many flying missiles wrapped in elastic bands.

Occasionally, if it looks like rain, these missiles are placed inside small, clear plastic bags, but this doesn’t happen too often. How are these missiles dispatched? I have literally seen cars driving by, hurling them out of the window. What are these airborne invaders?

They are leaflets, catalogues, local magazines and papers. The interesting fact is – Australia seems to love them. Here is a small selection of what I got this week.

This Weeks Haul

This Week’s Haul

Allow me to give you the details. Every week I get two 50-60 page glossy magazines, one called “bmag” and the other called brisbanenews”. Also on a weekly basis I get a newspaper called “Westside News”. I also get The Local Bulletin for Brisbane West on a monthly basis.

Now I know that in England there was no shortage of local newspapers. I used to get The Yellow Advertiser and another one called The Standard Recorder. But if my memory serves, both these publications were about 10% news and 90% advertising.

But the magazines and newspaper I have mentioned above do genuinely provide around 30% or more local community news and articles of interest. They are actually worth reading.

Then we get all the leaflets. All the following leaflets came wrapped in just the one elastic band and arrived today. They were from Sanity, (music, DVDs etc), Woolworths, (no, not that one – they are a supermarket chain here similar to Sainsbury’s), Myer, (like Debenhams), Kmart & Target, (I’ll do a whole post about them soon), Pattinsons Chemists, (clue is in the name), Amart (I told you about Amart in a previous post), Aldi you will have heard of and finally Bunnings.

A guessing game: Bunnings was the store I visited most in the first 4 months as I set about removing 18 sets of pink curtains, 22 fluoro’s (fluorescent light fittings, but, of course, fluorescent is too long a word for Australians, see the slang post), rip four sets of smoked glass mirrors (with gold edging) from the walls, make good all the holes, refurbish every room and paint the whole house. (You guys are so lucky I didn’t have a blog in those days. You could have heard all of my decorating tales.)

Have you guessed it yet? Yes, Bunnings is a DIY store.

So, if you get your kicks reading about all the special offers and all the best deals in all the top stores, Australia is the place for you. You will never be short of something to read at lunchtime.

Sometimes, as I hinted earlier, these little bundles of joy come without a plastic bag. And sometimes it rains. Very hard! On those days I collect what can only be called a small, compact paper-mache blob. Saves me a lot of time.

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