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Last week I did a post called Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared. A few days ago, Dawn popped by and asked some more than reasonable questions in the comments…

“When we were putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday it got me thinking. What do families in Australia do, do they have real Christmas trees and decorations like in the UK or do they do something different? Also does anyone cook traditional Christmas dinner or do they do something different?”

I knew that I had probably answered these questions elsewhere on this website, but I also know that sometimes it takes a bit of digging to find what you want here on Bobinoz. Dawns question got me thinking too; why don’t I do a post about Christmas posts?

All I needed now was some really clever title, maybe…

The 12 posts of Christmas.

“On my first post of Christmas I wrote about the beach…”

No, perhaps not. What about…

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christmas in Australia, But Were Afraid to Ask

No, too long. How about I just get on with it?

So, do we have real Christmas trees here?

Yes we do, but they are not as readily available as they are in the UK and I’m pretty sure they do not come from Norway. Whatever we use here as Christmas trees, they are grown in Australia as far as I am aware. You can read more in my post Christmas Trees in Australia.

Do we have Christmas decorations here?

You bet! As a rule, decorations go up earlier and come down later than I was used to in the UK, and some people go absolutely crazy when it comes to decorating their houses for Christmas. If you want to know how crazy, check out my post Amazing Outdoor Christmas Lights in Australia and be sure to watch the video.

Do Australians cook a traditional Christmas dinner?

Christmas in JulyAh, now, that depends which Christmas you’re talking about? You did know that we have two Christmases here in Australia, didn’t you? No? Well you can find out about both those Christmases by reading My Christmas Article for Australia & New Zealand Magazine. You’ll also find out exactly the kind of Christmas dinners we cook here.

You’ll get even more tips if you read Merry Christmas Everybody as well.

What else might you like to know about Christmas in Australia?

I can tell you where I live we always have Bush Christmas, that takes place over at the Brookfield Showgrounds.

And in Brisbane City Centre, we unveiled the world’s biggest solar powered Christmas tree the other year, not sure if it is still the worlds biggest, but it’s big enough for us.

All around Australia though, some of our largest department stores put on special displays and events for Christmas. In Brisbane, Myer put on a pretty impressive Christmas parade as you will see in my creatively entitled post The Myer 2011 Christmas Parade in Brisbane.

Santa in BrisbaneSanta, by the way, also has a grotto there.

Three years ago I did a round up of the various differences at Christmas time between our two countries in a post called England Versus Australia at Christmas Traditions, so if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to click all of these links, just read that one.

Has Australia ever had a white Christmas?

This was a bit of a shocker, even for me. Just a couple of days ago I wrote a post about white Christmases and I confidently claimed that Australia had “a snowball’s chance in hell” of having one. But I was wrong! Check out my post A White Christmas in Australia?

But for most of us here in Australia, Christmas is a very hot time of the year. So what do we do with ourselves around Christmas? The biggest difference for me is that we don’t find ourselves huddled around a fire, protecting ourselves from the cold and watching Christmas TV or playing board games.

We don’t drink mulled wine, we don’t roast chestnuts, but we do very often go to the beach. I’ve been to the beach twice for Christmas since I’ve been here, the first time was Christmas 2008 and I wrote about it in the second ever post written on this blog. It was called Christmas and Boxing Day in Australia.

But if you really want to know what it feels like to be an Australian at Christmas, then you need to learn the lyrics to the Aussie version of Jingle Bells. Fortunately, you can do that here as well. Check out Another Great Australian Christmas Song Sing-a-Long.

Right, any more questions about Christmas in Australia?

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  • Dawn December 23, 2012, 6:00 am |

    Thanks Bob for answering my questions. I also love the idea of Christmas dinner in July sounds great.

  • Kirri December 21, 2012, 6:21 pm |

    Just thought I’d share my fave Australian christmas quote- “We can’t replicate an Australian Christmas over here. It’s too cold. Sometimes it snows. You can hear sleigh bells. Nah, it’s not like Christmas at all.” – Lee Tulloch in New York, The Age, 22/12/99

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