A Market at The Old Museum, Brisbane

A market is a market is a market, isn’t it? Yes, I suspect it is and I would also think that pretty much every major town and city in every country would have a market. But we went to a market here in Brisbane on Sunday that I would have said was slightly different.

It billed itself as an “event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia & even New Zealand!

And it was.

Everything that was on sale appeared to be handcrafted or home-made and certainly unique; ideal for picking up those unusual Christmas gifts.

This market was also interesting because it was being held in The Old Museum, a quite stunning looking building…

Old Museum, BrisbaneAnd Elizabeth was intrigued by the name of this market; it was called “The Finders Keepers Market“.

There were around 65 stallholders in three separate large halls, like this one…

HallAnd part of the markets also spilled out onto the balcony…

BalconeyNow this is where, I think, you’ll find Australian markets are different from markets in the UK and some other countries.

It’s the weather.

Because the weather is often so good, markets can often merge into events. In the case of this market, you could hear live music playing from the balcony…

Live musicSee the guy with a guitar under the red roof gazebo?

And you could also clearly see below many people simply here for the day to enjoy that music and chill out…

Sitting aroundLet’s go down the stairs…

Downstairs… and chill with them…

Chillin out

Chillin out 2Is that kid posing?

The wonderful weather usually makes these markets so much more relaxed; nobody is rushing around trying to grab all their shopping before their hands go numb with the cold or the skies open up to release buckets of rain.

Anyway, the music wasn’t just some busker, there were actually 10 different bands or artists scheduled to play over the two days, each playing for one hour at a time. There was even a bar for those who fancy a drink.

The goods for sale in these markets were a little expensive, but then isn’t that what designer means? I went back up those stairs and through the balcony…

Balconey from below…into one of the halls to take a photograph of one item I’d seen that struck me as hugely expensive.

I think I visibly gasped when I saw the price of this thing. It was a hand sewn Polaroid camera. I’ll say that again, a hand sewn Polaroid camera. Here it is…

Hand sewn PolaroidCan you see the price? Yes, $450!

Here’s a closer view…

Hand sewn Polaroid CameraYou could buy an iPhone for that kind of money and take real pictures!

I racked my brain to see if I could think of anyone I knew who might like hand sewn Polaroid camera for Christmas. Thankfully I couldn’t think of anyone.

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  • anne March 25, 2013, 6:08 pm |

    Can’t wait to visit here! Gonna call my kids to have a good time with me at these market!

    • BobinOz March 25, 2013, 9:27 pm |

      I bet that fluffy camera is still for sale 🙂

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