Visiting Britain: A Nostalgic Look at the UK

In about an hour’s time I’ll be jumping into my car and driving to Brisbane airport to pick up my two girls who will be arriving back home after their holiday in England.

As you know, I didn’t go, I just didn’t fancy a holiday in the UK, but that is not to say I don’t think Britain is a great holiday destination. For me though, I was happy to settle instead for a “British weekend” in Brisbane.

I enjoyed some classic British moments during that weekend, so I’ve decided to make this week on BobinOz a “Visit Britain” special.

Visiting Britain

I did live there for almost half a century, so I’d already seen many of the sights. But Elizabeth, my daughter, was just 3 years old when we left England and there was quite a bit she hadn’t seen. So she was super excited about visiting the country in which she was born.

I know she has had an absolutely fantastic time, as has Mrs BobinOz, because I’ve spoken to them daily on the telephone…

UK telephone boxThey’ve had a quite hectic schedule at times, so much to squeeze in. They spent the first week living with my sister in Southend where they caught up with family and some friends.

They even went to the beach!

Top of Elizabeth list of things to do though, was see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, so they did…

Houses of parliament and big benOther highlights from their trip include seeing Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London where the guards wear funny hats …

BeefeaterThey had a ride on an open topped red London bus, which looks just like this but with the roof completely missing…

London bus… and, of course, they visited Hamleys, London’s largest toy store.

For the second week they stayed with my wife’s cousin who lives in Berkshire. Berkshire, of course, is where you will find Windsor Castle, the official residence of the British royal family.

Yes, they went, she was out.

There’s more to Berkshire than just Windsor Castle though, Elizabeth fancied a nostalgic trip to Legoland. She’d been there when she was 3 and remembers one particular ride was pretty scary. So she wanted to return to conquer that beast!

They also stayed one night in West Yorkshire, so Elizabeth could see where Granny was born, and they also went to Norwich for the wedding of a very good friend of Mrs BobinOz.

On Friday I’ll have some real holiday pictures taken by Elizabeth and Mrs BobinOz instead of these old pics I had lying around on my hard drive. Maybe I’ll continue my British theme on Friday with a top-10 selection from those.

If you are currently living in the UK looking to move to Australia, I don’t imagine this post has done anything for you at all.


But if you are an Aussie who’s never been, or a Brit who has now settled here, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at the UK.

Remember, you can always visit Britain, you are invited…

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  • djmcbell October 20, 2014, 7:15 pm |

    I find the top picture amusing – whenever I see it, I think it’s some arty-farty picture with everything in black and white, except the red phone booth.

    Then I realise that the UK is just like that.

    Everything here is just so grey, from the ground to the walls to the sky…

    • BobinOz October 20, 2014, 9:06 pm |

      Maybe that’s my they painted those telephone booths bright red, just to add some colour to the place 🙂

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