When is the Queen’s Birthday?

When indeed!

On the 13th June, 2011, we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday here in Australia by having the day off. You can read about that in my post called It’s Great to Be a Queen.

In 2010 it was June 14, as you will know from my post called Another Queensland Bank Holiday Monday!

And this year we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday on June 11, that’s the day I wrote a post called Bank Holiday Monday in Queensland: The Queens Birthday.

I’m sure you can all see the pattern that has clearly formed here; we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the second Monday in June. But that’s not when the Queen’s Birthday is, that’s really on 21 April. But I explained that last year in my Great to be Queen post already mentioned above.

That, in itself, is reasonably confusing, especially to somebody quite old, say, like the Queen. Or me.

So imagine how confused I was when today was declared a bank holiday, for, you guessed it, the Queen’s Birthday.

I was so confused, I Googled it. Came across a government website here in Queensland where it said, under the heading of “Changes from 2012“…

  • In 2012, the Queen’s Birthday holiday will be observed on Monday 1 October.

Hold on a minute! We’ve already had one day off for her birthday on the 11th June this year! So we celebrated it in June and we are celebrating it again now in October, but her birthday is really in April?

I really don’t get it, but thanks for the day off anyway…

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