Easter in Australia

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the beginning of the long Easter weekend. So what are we going to be doing with ourselves?

Well, as far as I know, not a great deal tomorrow. But Saturday we have some friends coming round for a barbecue and on Monday we are going somewhere completely different. I hope to be telling you all about that on Tuesday.

So what about Sunday?

Since our daughter was born just over five years ago, our Easter Sunday’s have been the same. We go on an egg hunt. This is us last year, hunting for eggs round our friends house.

Easter 2008 in Australia

Easter 2008 in Australia

At the time, and now looking back even more so, this was a great moment for us following our big move to Australia. Let me explain. Back in the UK, for Easters’ 2005, 2006 and 2007, we went on an Easter egg hunt round at our good friends Steve and Janet’s house. When we left England in November 2007, that was one yearly event that we were going to miss.

Easter 2005 in England

Easter 2005 in England

Imagine how good it felt, having only lived here for four months and one week when Easter arrived on the 23rd of March 2008, to be invited round our newest friends house for an Easter egg hunt in their back garden. If that isn’t dandy enough, our friends have two really cute little girls who get along just great with our daughter. The three girls, and us four adults, had a fantastic time.

So, what do you think we are doing this year for Easter Sunday? That’s right! For the fifth year running we are going round our friends for an egg hunt. It’s just that for the second year on the trot, it’s with our new friends and in a different continent. We hope to have many, many more.

There is though, a major difference with the egg hunt here from those we had back in Britain. In England, Steve used to get up early and spend an hour so amongst the trees and his land hiding the eggs behind bushes, among shrubs and hanging them from trees. He would then go back to his house, have his breakfast and wait for his guests to arrive at around 11 a.m. for the hunt to start at midday.

Here, in Australia, it’s a bit different. The hunt starts at around the same time, 12 noon. But at about a quarter to 12, the mums distract the girls and us dads disappear off to the trees to quickly hide all the eggs. We then run back to the house to announce that the hunt is on!

The hunt starts promptly and the search is swift. After all, nobody likes melted Easter eggs.

I hope you all have a great Easter. My next post here will be on Tuesday when I hope to tell you about our exciting day out. I’ll also have more Australian Bad Things and Part 5 of Moving to Australia.

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