Australia and Advertising: Stick a Sign Up

For those of you who don’t know, I live in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. One of the things I really like about living where I do, is that it’s just 30 minutes from the city, yet it’s like living in the countryside.

Of course, where I live wouldn’t suit everybody, some would think it’s way too quiet, but we have taken to it like ducks to a pond.

We may not have any huge shopping malls on our doorstep or large department stores, but if ever we need to get our hands on (not literally hands on) manure, we sure are in the right place. Local sellers of horse poo are literally around almost every corner.

Horse pooIf I were the vendor here, I’d take a little more care with the positioning of this sign, it should be more visible. But as you can see from the close-up…

Horse poo close-upIt’s $2 a bag. Not bad eh?

But some people are always prepared to pay a little more for better quality…

Quality horse pooI wonder if it’s been through some sort of test to Australian standards? I would have hoped so, after all, this stuff is $2.50 a bag.

Not all signs are in the manure selling market, this guy simply wants to advertise his services. Why pay some fancy pants graphics designer when you can create a sign yourself?

Touting for businessI would have called him, but his telephone number was obscured by the fence.

But my favourite sign, by a long way, is this one. If ever I needed reminding that I’m closer to the countryside than I am to the city, this sign was it…

My favourite signYes, it really does say that…

Missing cowI’ve crossed the telephone number out because the sign has been taken down now, hopefully they found their brown cow.

Well, let’s face it, a cow can’t disappear into thin air, can it?

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