A Winter’s Day in the Park in Brisbane

It was a bit of a cloudy day on Sunday and, of course, it is still pretty much the middle of winter here. But temperatures managed to hit a respectable 20°C, that’s still good enough for shorts. And every now and then, the sun did manage to peek through the clouds.

We fancied getting out for the afternoon, nothing flashy or expensive, just a stroll in the park.

New Farm Park.

New Farm Park is very close to the city centre of Brisbane and sits on the Brisbane River. I’ve been before, and I was just as surprised then as I was on Sunday to see how busy it gets. The place was just full of people having outdoor fun.

As we arrived, a full game of 11 aside football was in progress, and elsewhere people were playing tennis, volleyball, badminton and Aussie rules football. Others were picnicking, barbecuing, sleeping or just chatting and joking. There was even one group doing some combat training.

In one part of the park there appeared to be a wedding reception going on, although we couldn’t see the bride or groom. The tables were all laid out as if for a wedding though. There were also loads of children playing on the swings, slides, roundabouts and climbing all sorts of structures in the kiddie play areas.

Also in New Farm Park is a place called the Powerhouse, it’s an art centre.

Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse

Playing live, I’d heard, was Sabrina Lawrie who me and a few friends had met a couple of weeks earlier as we were leaving the Beetle Bar, one of our favourite music venues in the city.

So, something for everyone; music for me, play areas for Elizabeth, a stroll by the river for Mrs BobinOz and a dog walk for Hippy our puppy. Hippy has grown a good deal since you last saw her, regular readers might want to watch this video and play spot Hippy at the same time.

Unfortunately, I only managed to get there just in time to catch the band’s last number, which was a shame because they sounded danged good, but that didn’t spoil a wholly enjoyable afternoon. All rounded off nicely with the schooner of James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider, a glass of red wine and a pink lemonade.

No guessing who got what.

Here’s the whole afternoon wrapped up in one short video…

Thanks to Sabrina Lawrie for the music.
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