The Diversity of Brisbane Wildlife

Welcome to the most miss named category on BobinOz. Yes it’s time for another entry into Australia’s Bad Things. This category was originally started so that I could provide you with photographs, descriptions and the stories behind the intruders that invade my property on a daily basis.

In order to give a balanced view, I decided to tell you about the good things that invade my land, before moving on to the bad things. That was several posts ago and here we are still looking at good things. Mind you, that’s a matter of opinion. More about that later, but first I would like you to meet today’s intruder.

A lorikeet in my front garden last week.

A lorikeet in my front garden last week.

We have a diversity of wildlife in the Brisbane region, for sure. And that diversity is illustrated best amongst our birdlife. Brisbane is, without doubt, a birdwatchers paradise. More than 370 different species of bird have been spotted in this area making it the ” bird capital” of Australia.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Having lorikeets in your garden certainly saves you the bother of going to a pet shop and buying a parrot. But while I expect lorikeets to be universally accepted as being cute, as I mentioned earlier, some of my previous cute entries are open to debate.

Before the metaphorical ink had dried on my post last week about Asian house geckos, I found myself reading an article in the National newspaper “The Courier Mail” about the little fellows.

“Brisbane people can kiss goodbye to any hope of getting rid of the Asian house gecko” ….. “each Brisbane household has an average of 10 to 20 in residence”…. and they were described as “flesh coloured insect gobblers” saying “their droppings made it like having a bird in the house”. Ah Ha! The gecko really is an Australian bad thing! It’s not cute, it is an infestation.

Anyway, we don’t have 10 to 20 in our place, six maximum I reckon, and they are all house trained.

I have already retracted, kind of, my love for the Praying Mantis after seeing the scary video now at the foot of the post where I talk about geckos. And then we had the incident of a “cute” kangaroo beating up a bloke in Canberra and I never once described the Water Scorpion as cute. Of all the intruders I’ve shown you, that only leaves the frog.

So if the cute things are mostly turning out bad, what are the bad things going to be like? Perhaps this category isn’t so miss named after all?

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