Australian Television News: What’s the Story?

Television news in Australia can be a strange affair. Sometimes not much is going on, as was almost certainly the case when I reported about the great “muffin scare” in my post Good Evening. Here is the News.

Things were also very quiet when I wrote my post called Here Is a Roundup of the News over the Last Seven Days, in which Doug the koala made his first appearance.

On other occasions the news is full of seriously bad things, as was the case in 2011 when Brisbane flooded. We all saw the shocking images of the inland tsunami that swept through Toowoomba; all the news around that time was bad news.

I know which I prefer, and I was treated to that again just a week ago on ABC News.

First, a bit of background. We always used to watch Seven News, but that program seemed pretty much unaware of anything taking place outside of Australia, almost as though the rest of the world didn’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong, world events would get an occasional mention, just not often. What was going on in Australia, and more particularly Queensland, was far more important.

Doug, the baby koala, as already mentioned, springs to mind.

So we switched to ABC News, remember the ABC is the Australian equivalent of the BBC, to see if we would get news from further afield than just Queensland.

The truth is, we probably do. But, just like the other channel, they can give preference to a story all about nothing over and above serious international news.

A bunfight in the pie shop

ABC NewsYes, that’s how this news item was introduced to us and it features Federal Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten. You will remember him, I’m sure, he’s the one who agreed with the Prime Minister without knowing what the Prime Minister said.

This is what he said at the time. “The Prime Minister’s addressed this in a press conference in Turkey in the last few hours, I haven’t seen what she said, but let me say I support what it is that she said”.

Check out the Bill Shorten video, it’s a lot funnier than the text.

Bill was back in the news last week, this time he was trying to buy a pie. Australians love pies, as you all know from my post Who Ate All the Pies?

Anyway, here’s the story this time. Bill wanted to buy a Boscastle pie for his boy.  Unfortunately, the shop had sold out. The shop owner offered to heat up a different sort of pie in the microwave.

Bill then thought he heard the shopkeeper offer further advice about the pie, saying “The pie will be soft, like Julia Gillard” (the Australian Prime Minister who Mr Shorten supported without knowing what she said).

Bill didn’t take kindly to this, and allegedly fired off an expletive that I couldn’t possibly repeat on this blog, before storming out.

Turns out the shopkeeper actually said “The pie will be soft. I like Julia Gillard.

A pie fight in a bun shop indeed. Incredibly though, this news story appeared ahead of the item about Kofi Anann resigning as the UN special envoy to Syria.

I may not have found the perfect news service in Australia yet, but the ones I’ve seen so far do so often leave me openmouthed, in an entertaining kind of way. Here’s Bill…

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