The Cost of Living in Australia of Everything…

How much is ……?


Let me tell you.

When I first moved to Australia in 2007, shopping online wasn’t what I was used to back in the UK. Most major stores had a website, but they weren’t quite ‘finished’.

By that, I mean almost all websites had a picture of their store, a way of finding where the store was, the telephone number of the store, but very rarely had any information about their products and almost always no pricing.

If you did find exactly what you are looking for, with full details of the product and the price, it would invariably turn out to be a site from the US. Their $ sign and Australia’s $ sign both look like $.

Today it’s a much different story, which is why I can present to you….

The cost of absolutely everything in Australia!

But before you check out all these prices, a word of warning. If you take these prices and convert the Australian cost into your currency, you will not be left with a fair reflection of the cost of living in Australia. Why?

If the Australian dollar is strong against your currency, then Australia will appear to be a very expensive country to live in. If the Aussie dollar is weak against your currency, Australia will seem like a cheap country.

But when you live here and earn Australian money, exchange rates mean nothing. And as salaries here are generally higher than the countries, prices won’t seem so bad once you’re here.

But to understand this fully, you need to read the following two posts…

Now we’re ready for the cost of everything……


I’ve got a separate page for that…..


Here are some great resources for checking out the price of cars in Australia. The first one is the big one; it’s where both private sellers and dealers can advertise their cars for sale online.

Here are some other options to search for second hand cars, in fact all…

Second Hand Stuff

Ideal for new arrivals to Australia looking to pick up some cheap furniture, maybe a car, or even somewhere to live


Our two major supermarkets here are called Coles and Woolworths. We used to have a couple of independent websites that would check both of these supermarkets prices side-by-side, but sadly those websites no longer exist. So it’s down to checking out Coles and Woolworths separately…

So click below to find out the prices for your grocery shopping…


This is a difficult one, because there is gas, electricity, water and telephony as well as rates. Prices vary from state to state too and with eight states there would be a lot of links.

To make things worse, utility companies hide their pricing structures behind plans, tariffs, peak times, off-peak times, they build in surcharges, standing charges and sometimes make the whole lot inaccessible by insisting you enter your address and postcode before giving you a price.

But I hope these links help.


I have a couple of posts about electricity prices…

And solar…


Water prices in Australia are the best kept secret in the world. I am flabbergasted at how difficult it is to find the price of water from these utility companies. Do you think they are trying to hide something? Here are links to what I think are five of our states water suppliers.

Here’s a tip though, don’t bother trying to look for prices, life is too short.

The information is probably there, although you’ll need to dig deep. But on top of water, there are also sewerage costs. And I know, there are 3 more states to go, but as a guide, you’d be better off reading my post about it…


The national telephone company here in Australia is called Telstra. You can find out about their various plans here…

I found them way too expensive, especially for international calls. So I set up a VoIP telephone system which wasn’t that difficult to do. This is the company I used…

You can read my post about it here….

And of course, there are mobile phones too. I used to 3, but they have now been taken over by Vodafone. You will get better countrywide coverage with Telstra, but these people are much cheaper…

But if you really want to research all of your telephony needs, these are the guys to visit…


Rates vary from state to state, from council to council and from one year to the next. So I won’t list them all here. But if you search Google for “average council rates” you will get an idea. But make sure you search the Australian one….

I did compare my council tax back in the UK with my rates now that I’m here in Australia though, you might want to read that article and look at the comments…

Clothing and small household items:

The following three stores are amongst the most popular in Australia for what I used to know as “department stores”. So they are like a mix of John Lewis, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer’s, but if anything, a little downmarket. You can buy all sorts of stuff from these people and their websites now show pictures and prices….


There are hundreds of insurance companies, all will require you to speak with them at length before they will quote you a price. We did, (well Mrs BobinOz did) and these are the companies we chose for our insurances. That doesn’t mean they are the best, but they were good enough for us and we haven’t been disappointed with the service we have received from any of them.

Electrical goods:

This is one of Australia’s biggest electrical goods retailers, but more important than that, they have a good website….


I’ve divided entertainment into 3 sections, alcohol, TV and going to the pub! Use these links to find the prices of alcohol and your digital TV package.

I’ve got quite a lot of posts about going out drinking, here’s a few of them….

Find bargains here:

We don’t have a proper Amazon here, but we have a digital one…

These people offer physical good though…

And for product reviews, go here….

If it’s a geeky product though, this is the site for you…

And with that, I think I’ve covered everything.

More useful links:

But if I haven’t, and you can’t get what you’re looking for from here, then I just don’t know. Well, I do, this lot sell everything….

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  • Ravi Kapur January 2, 2017, 11:42 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,

    I’m 30 years old, currently living in India. I’ve lived in Australia before and have a Master degree in Business from a very good Australian University. I’m considering moving to Australia, Melbourne in particular and start a carrier in Real Estate (Become an agent). Do you think it will be a good time or the right time??

    • BobinOz January 3, 2017, 9:18 pm | Link

      I think there have been better times to move to Australia, certainly around the rest of the country, but Melbourne (and Sydney) both still have very good economies. I don’t think there is a good time or the right time, there’s probably just a do it time.

      Only you can decide if you want to do it now, and it is a big decision because there are no guarantees it will work out. Good luck whatever you decide though.

  • Amresh Anand December 25, 2016, 2:38 pm | Link

    Hi Bob,

    I am from India and I am thinking about applying for PR for Oz. I am 39 years old and my wife is 38 and we have a 9 year old kid. Just wanted to have a fair advise from you.
    My wife is a Senior secondary school teacher here in India. Her profile is coming under sub class 189 for Australian PR.
    What kind of opportunities r available for secondary school teachers in Australia. How hard is it to get job after PR?

    I am working in a bank in India on a middle management level and my wife is working as a Secondary school teacher.
    Currently our joint earning is approx INR 2 lacs per month. I am 39 years old and my wife 38.
    Is it a wise decision to immigrate at this time. We both plan to work in Australia.

  • Shaik December 22, 2016, 5:37 pm | Link

    Hello Bob,
    I am currently based in Singapore working as a Software Developer of around 5 years of experience. I had started my PR application process. I am applying with my wife.
    May I know which part of Oz has more exposure to IT field and also which place will be good to start our living?

    • Mark December 23, 2016, 7:10 am | Link

      Hi Shaik If you read through a lot of the stuff on here or google it You will generally find the better job prospects might be in Sydney Melbourne or Brisbane, The more volume of population the more likelihood of businesses wanting staff, though of course that comes with competition as well for said jobs which is arguably higher than even nowadays.

  • Kavitha September 28, 2016, 3:14 am | Link

    Hi bob,
    I am currently living with my husband and two children in Dubai, the kids are 10 and 8 yrs old… From my kids point of view I see Australia will be the right place for their education.I would like to apply for Australian PR and contacted the MARA agent regarding this , they have suggested us to apply for Adelaide.My husband is eligible to apply for PR.But my concern is about his job, currently he is working as a sales head in Dubai with close to USD 8,000 a month.what would you suggest ?
    Is it better to work here or shift to Australia

  • Paul M August 14, 2016, 11:06 am | Link

    Oz is getting ridiculously expensive. In the two years since we have been here, prices on almost everything have increased dramatically. It’s starting to get silly and I often wonder how those on ‘normal’ wages survive. I earn $200K and live a very, very limited lifestyle (nothing like the lifestyle I was expecting and what made me come here)……far worse than that in the UK while earning a similar wage.

    • BobinOz August 15, 2016, 6:12 pm | Link

      There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any dramatic price increases in Australia over the last two years on any particular items. I’ve been running price comparisons between Australia and the UK for eight years now, nothing much has changed in that time.

      Some things are cheaper here in Australia, some things are cheaper in the UK. In terms of cost of living, there’s really not much to choose between the two countries. $200k is a lot of money to earn, I am at a loss to even begin to comprehend how you can only manage a very limited lifestyle on those kinds of wages.

      For more details of my cost comparisons, see…

  • Nhat Tran August 14, 2016, 1:03 am | Link

    Hi Bob,
    I’m finding your advice is very useful to me but it’s most appreciative if you could tell about some main points of living in Darwin, Northen Territory, Australia. Thanks.

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