Living in Australia

Thinking about moving to Australia?

Choosing where you want to live in Australia is not straightforward. Australia is a big place, as if you didn’t know. Australia has big cities, it has small towns. It has beautiful beaches and it has barren outback. Australia also has a good selection of islands.

Where are you going to live?

You can click on the links above in the navigation menu or further below to find out more about Australia’s Cities and Australian States. But for a quick roundup of the major cities and help with choosing a suburb, check out:

It is not so much the content on my pages that will help you decide where to live in Australia, but the hundreds of comments that have been added by those who do live here. Do be sure to join in on the conversation wherever you can.

More useful links:

I also have a more comprehensive roundup, which includes annual weather charts and more, for each of the following cities. Please click on any of the links below to read more:

Want to live outside of the capital cities?

You will find information on many of the smaller towns in our states and territories on the following pages:

I do hope the information I have here helps you; good luck with your search.

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  • Theuns March 20, 2017, 11:29 pm | Link

    Hi I am interested to immigrate and have twins and would like to move to Brisbane . I am I tested to gets business up and running and currently looking at various franchise oppertunities . Can you offer me help as will be without family or friends and feel my kids deserve a more stable environment to grow up and live in a country that is established and from my experience have proper family/ children based systems in place .

    • BobinOz March 21, 2017, 7:50 pm | Link

      No, this isn’t something I can help you with, you would need a business advisor for that. You will also need a valid visa to come to Australia and set up a business, so you really need to look into that first if you haven’t already. See my page about Visas.

  • Sami February 27, 2017, 1:44 am | Link

    Hi bob, me my husband and my 4year old are wanting to move to oz. we did a bit of traveling back in 2010 and loved it. We have a house in the uk which we were thinking of renting out. We need some advise on what to do and where to start. A skilled worker he is a carpenter/joiner he also fits windows and doors he has been doing this since leaving school he is now 31 I’m also a hairdresser which I do part time as well as working in a pharmaceutical warehouse picking and packing and doing the Administration side.

    We are a family now and we are wanting somewhere that is a family friendly town. We have been thinking about the Gold Coast or Brisbane we enjoyed both of these when we travelled .

    Could you give us some information on where to start and things to look at.

    We just need to know a process on where to start we seem to go round in circles and it’s frustrating with all the information online thank you for your time and looking forward to your reply.

    • Mark February 27, 2017, 6:39 am | Link

      Hi Sami If I may pitch in for now as Bob is having internet problems after moving house,.. Yes we have a company as bad as BT here… Technically you need to start with an Expression of interest (EOI) you can read through the details of that on Bobs site you could also argue you need to get all your paperwork together as you will need it for that EOI..
      You may with your job scenario be better speaking with a MARA agent Bob has again one on this site,,Any will do. They will assess your chances or tell you what you need to do extra to have an EOI accepted…Now I said technically as what you are trying to do within the EOI is create 60 or more points…There are several sites that you can do points calculations on beforehand as a test … Now it may mean that before you submit your EOI youd be better doing say an IELTS, PEARSON language test, you will see it in the points score, so working backwards check your points, see where you can improve if you dont have the 60 . eg x points for age (and dont hang about there 33 and you lose 5 points) if your husband is the main applicant… He may have to have his skills assessed and so on these will all add your points up..

    • BobinOz February 28, 2017, 1:03 am | Link

      My internet problems have now been solved and yes, as Mark has said, the place to start is with a MARA registered migration agent because without a visa to move to Australia nothing is going to happen.

      You can try to do it yourself, and my pages which are linked from my Migration Advice page will help you with that, or just use a migration agent. You can one of those from my page about Migration agents..

      As soon as you know where you stand on the visa side, that’s the time to start thinking about where to live in Australia.

  • Mark February 23, 2017, 6:22 am | Link

    Hi Niicola Ill pitch in for now as Bob is in the middle of moving house and may be suffering….Melbourne a hrte place I live there… Te other places worth I think looking are Sydney, Brisbane and the newly fast growing Wollongong…. Perth feels isolated to me as does Adelaide though thats because its quiet. If you have picked Melbourne give it a go..As to where? what would you look for Beach city nightlife quieter country style. do you have a budget for rent etc etc just so we can guide you better…Melbourne is a really big place have a look on at some properties to give yu an idea for an answer…
    As regard the application process Id start now if you are looking at a full vIsa but I believe you may still at your age be able to come on a working visa which may be quicker application times….Have a look at working visas I think they may only be 12 months .

  • nicola February 21, 2017, 9:41 pm | Link

    Hi bob,
    I am wondering if you can help. Both me (age 21) and my boyfriend (age 21) are hoping to move over late next year from the UK when I finish my degree. I will be a qualified midwife and my partner is a software developer. From what we have found we both quite like the sound of Melbourne, would you recommend looking at somewhere else? Also where is best to look for possible apartments/flats and when should we look at starting the application process?

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