Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance in Australia

1 May 2013 Life in Australia

When I first arrived in Australia back in November 2007 and bought my first car, I had to pay, like anyone else, for rego, or car registration. This is the thing that we Brits would call car tax, but Australian rego was slightly different. I thought it was quite “quaint”, as in attractively unusual rather […]

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An Australian Story By A. Whacka

18 February 2009 Australian Climate

I recently mentioned the Australians’ penchant for shortening words and ending them with “o”. You probably think this is laziness and slang. Here are some more examples in a short story. Perhaps you and a relo (relative) decide to go to the bottle-o (liquor shop, off license). But when you get there you realise you […]

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