A Long Weekend on the Sunshine Coast

2 October 2015 Australia's Places

It’s Friday evening here in Australia, the start of another weekend. Here in Queensland, as well as in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, it’s even better, it’s a long weekend. Monday, October 5 is Labour Day for us. Next year though, Labour Day in Queensland will be in May. Here’s how […]

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Buying a Lightbulb in Australia

30 September 2015 Australia's Bad Things

Do you remember when buying a lightbulb used to be so simple? In the good old days of buying a lightbulb you really only had three decisions to make. First, do you want frosted glass or clear glass? Second, do you want 40, 60 or 100 Watts? And finally, do you want a bayonet or […]

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Welcome to the Queensland Twilight Zone

28 September 2015 Life in Australia

It’s been a strange couple of days. A sinkhole Just up on the coast, about three and a half hours drive to the north, are some popular campsites close to Rainbow Beach. You may remember that Mrs Bob has been there with a friend of hers and the kids, they fed the dolphins. It’s a […]

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The Australian Political Prime Minister Revolving Door

25 September 2015 Australia vs UK

11 days ago Australians woke up to discover they had a new Prime Minister. It seems there is something a little different about Australian politics compared to the UK that I didn’t pick up on when I wrote my post Australian Politics Explained. The difference is that here, in the land down under, a Prime […]

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The Brisbane Festival 2015: the City’s Biggest Cultural Event

23 September 2015 Entertainment Australia

This year’s Brisbane Festival draws to a close on Saturday the 26th. It will, of course, end with Riverfire, the traditional firework extravaganza during which pyrotechnics launched from the river will light up the city skyline. The festival runs for three weeks each year, so I missed most of it whilst I was temporarily BobinUSA. […]

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I Met This Really Friendly Bird the Other Day

21 September 2015 Australia's Bad Things
King Parrot

Obviously this isn’t the 70s anymore so nobody, but nobody, misunderstood and everybody knows for sure that the friendly bird, indeed beautiful bird that I met the other day can fly through the air with ease and likes to chirp. So, let’s start with a picture, just so that you can see how beautiful this […]

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What Americans, Those Living in the USA, Think of Australians

18 September 2015 Moving To Australia

Time to conclude my short but very pleasant BobinUSA week. On Monday we had The Grand Canyon and Uluru Compared and on Wednesday USA versus Australia: Price Comparisons. Regular readers will know that I like to end the week with a video, so I went searching for a lighthearted YouTube about what Americans think of […]

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USA versus Australia: Price Comparisons

16 September 2015 Cost of Living - Australia

If you read Monday’s post called The Grand Canyon and Uluru Compared, you will know that I spent the first couple of weeks of this month in the US on holiday. It wasn’t cheap for us; the Aussie dollar against the US dollar is at a bit of a low. We were only getting about […]

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