Bob in Hospital

6 November 2015 Life in Australia

This is another one of my ‘I’m not here’ posts. I often do an I’m not here post when I go on holiday. This is an example of an I’m not here post here, on that particular occasion I’d gone to Melbourne. This time is different though, this time I’ve gone to hospital. Frequently asked […]

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Is Australia a Safe Place to Live?

4 November 2015 Life in Australia

I’m often asked this question, and it’s usually attached to a city. For example, is Melbourne a safe city to live in? Or, is Sydney a safe place to live? My answer is always pretty much the same, Australia generally speaking as a country is regarded as safe. Obviously, like any country, we do have […]

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What’s Really Different about the Beaches in Australia?

2 November 2015 Entertainment Australia
Sydney beach

I’ve been to many Australian beaches, each time I have been struck by how ‘untouched’ they are. It’s very noticeable, it’s always been apparent to me. One of the words that would always pop into my head would be ‘unspoilt’. But in all this time and all those beaches there was one thing that I […]

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Fernvale and Chinchilla, Two Remote Queensland Towns

30 October 2015 Australian Climate

Now then, what was I saying in Wednesday’s post called A Godzilla of an El Niño Is on Its Way? Ah, that’s right, yes, amongst other things one of the features of El Niño was to be that we would get lower rainfall and fewer cyclones. I’m pretty sure the people of Fernvale would tend […]

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A Godzilla of an El Niño Is on Its Way

28 October 2015 Australian Climate
Thumbnail image for A Godzilla of an El Niño Is on Its Way

Indonesia is on fire, and smoke from that fire spreading across Southeast Asia. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and Brunei are all covered with an air polluting haze. These pictures from NASA’s Earth Observatory clearly show the huge amount of smoke covering the region. This is the Indonesian island of Sumatra… And these are […]

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Protecting Australian Swimmers from Shark Attacks the Hi-Tech Way

26 October 2015 Australia's Bad Things
shark smiling

Some of you may remember that in January of this year we had a long weekend down on the Tweed Coast. It really is a most beautiful part of the country, here is just one of the pictures I took at the time… You can see plenty more and watch three videos if you check […]

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Lamington National Park, Queensland: A Rather Large Back Garden

23 October 2015 Australia's Places

A lamington is a very popular Australian desert. It’s a sponge cake with chocolate sauce and sprinklings of coconut. It looks very much like this… Apparently it originated in Brisbane and there are several theories about where the name ‘Lamington’ came from. None of those theories, as far as I could see, are anything to […]

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Snakes in Australia: Snake Identification

21 October 2015 Australia's Bad Things

Snake season is upon us again, if you were to Google ‘snake season’ and select the results for the past month, you’ll find there’s lots of talk about snakes in Australia at the moment. As you can probably see from the snapshot above, there is talk about Surfers Paradise, that’s the famous beach on the […]

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