A Celebration of Beer in Brisbane: Brewsvegas

27 March 2015 Life in Australia

I like beer. I like drinking beer, talking about beer, making beer and hanging around in places that sell beer. I’m clearly not the only one though, because places that sell beer around Brisbane are springing up like mushrooms. Brisbane’s nightlife has changed quite substantially in the relatively short time that I’ve been here, I […]

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5 Things I Love about Straddie – North Stradbroke Island

25 March 2015 Australia's Places

Time to catch up on another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles. I know we’ve had a bit of a run of them lately, but that just shows how far I got behind. This article is about one of two fantastic islands we have just off of Brisbane that are […]

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One of the Advantages of Living in a Major City in Australia

23 March 2015 Entertainment Australia

Last week I wrote a post about how well some of Australia’s regional towns and cities fared in the Suncorp Bank Family Friendly Index. The post was called There’s more to Australia than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. And they did do well, there certainly are many advantages in choosing to live in one of […]

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When Koalas Get Mad!

20 March 2015 Australia's Bad Things

“Eee.” “Eeeeeeee.” “Aaaaaeeeee!” That conversation will make more sense to you after you’ve watched the first of the two videos coming up shortly. Koalas Every wild koala I’ve seen in Australia has been in a tree, usually asleep or simply not doing much. Like this… Or climbing up a tree, like this… Sometimes though, koalas […]

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There’s more to Australia than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

18 March 2015 Australia's Places
Wagga Wagga

As regular readers will know, we love a good survey or report here on Bobinoz, especially when it ends up with a top 10 list. I am grateful to regular reader Col B who pointed me in the right direction for this one. Of course, I’ve heard of Suncorp Bank, but I never knew they […]

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Costco versus Coles in Australia

16 March 2015 Cost of Living - Australia

Out of the blue, on Sunday Mrs Bob said to me “I want to go to Costco.” Gosh, I’d forgotten all about those people; when we used to live in the UK our Costco trips were a regular occurrence. Once every two or three months we would drive over to Gray’s Thurrock, a half-hour or […]

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The Platypus Journey: Rare Footage of the Elusive Monotreme

13 March 2015 Australia's Bad Things

Last Friday I talked about the particularly nasty venomous eight legged critters that cause a good deal of anxiety to many people. The post was called Venomous Spiders for Pain Relief. Today I’m talking about a different venomous creature, one of the very few mammals in the world that are. The platypus It was nearly […]

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The School Trip, Australian Style

11 March 2015 Entertainment Australia

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I ran a reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles, that one was called Fun for Kids. I’m running another reprint today, mainly because I’m getting a bit behind with them, and this one is about even more fun for kids, not […]

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