Grab Your Broom, It’s Cleanup Day in Australia

27 February 2015 Life in Australia

For the unfortunate towns of this state that were battered by Cyclone Marcia last week, every day since has been a cleanup day. For those people, come Sunday, March 1 when it is officially ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ I’m sure it will just be business as usual. But what is Clean Up Australia Day? Clean Up […]

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Entertainment in Australia: Fun for Kids

25 February 2015 Entertainment Australia
anz dec14

Time for me to catch up and reprint another of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles. Last time, you will recall, my article was about Entertainment in Brisbane: South Bank Parklands. That’s a theme I continue today except this time it’s entertainment for children. This article appeared in the magazine’s December edition last year. […]

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Just Another Sunny Day in Queensland

23 February 2015 Australian Climate

That’s a bit of a saying in these parts, “just another sunny day in Queensland“. Over the last few days as Tropical Cyclone Marcia rampaged down parts of the Queensland coast, I think we probably all knew that by Monday the sun would be back shining again as usual. And yes, you’ve guessed it, today […]

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Cyclone Sandwich Strikes Queensland As Lam and Marcia Arrive

20 February 2015 Australian Climate

Today Queenslanders were delivered their ‘cyclone sandwich” as expected, with Tropical Cyclones Lam and Marcia making landfall this morning. Cyclone Lam crossed onto the mainland as a Category 4 system just after 2 o’clock this morning and left the small Arnhem Land’s Milingimbi community, 500 kilometres east of Darwin, without power, water and sewerage. Cyclone […]

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Earthquake in Eidsvold: Whatever Next For Queensland?

18 February 2015 Australian Climate

It was around 10 o’clock in the evening on Monday when I sat down to watch a replay of the evening news on ABC. By that time, I’d already finished Monday’s post, a cutesy cuddly article called Look Who Joined Us for Dinner. That’s when I discovered for the first time that I had been in […]

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Look Who Joined Us for Dinner

16 February 2015 Australia's Bad Things
Mt Crosby

On Friday evening we decided to drive the 10 minutes or so rollercoaster hillside journey through Mount Crosby to have dinner at the Karana Downs Country Club. And when I say ‘rollercoaster hillside” I mean it; here are some pictures I took some time ago along the journey… It’s a lovely drive though with some […]

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A Quick Trip along Pallarenda Beach, Townsville, North Queensland

13 February 2015 Australia's Places

Normally when I want to go to a decent beach I travel about an hour and a quarter north to the Sunshine Coast or about the same kind of distance south to the Gold Coast. But what if I wanted to venture further? Supposing I were to drive north for 15 hours and 39 minutes […]

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Daylight Hours Australia and the UK, Winter and Summer Compared

11 February 2015 Life in Australia

Today I am going to be comparing sunrise times and (here’s one I watched earlier) sunset times… … between Australia and the UK for both winter and summer. In an ideal world, according to scientists, it is believed that as humans we would work most optimally if we got up in the morning as the […]

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