Christmas in July in Australia

27 July 2015 Life in Australia

In typical Brisbane fashion the wicked cold snap we suffered precisely 12 days ago now seems to be well and truly behind us. Saturday was a beautiful winter’s day, 23°C with a never-ending clear blue sky. This was, in some ways, a bit of a pity because Saturday was the 25th July which is Christmas […]

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A Typical Aussie Bloke

24 July 2015 Life in Australia

It’s Friday, which of course on this website means a YouTube video. I suppose I could have chosen the incredible footage of Australian surfer Mick Fanning fighting off a shark which was all caught live on TV. The video, which has been posted on YouTube, has already received more than 18 million views in the […]

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Commsec’s Australian State of States Report July 2015

22 July 2015 Australia's Places

I last looked at this report a year ago in my post State of the States: a CommSec Report. As I mentioned then, the economies of each of our eight states and territories are run separately and this report delves into their performances in some depth. These reports are released every quarter by Commsec and […]

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Where Do the Happiest People in Australia Live?

20 July 2015 Australia's Places

I’ve often wondered what it would really be like to live in a small town in Australia. And when it comes to small towns, Australia’s got plenty of them. Most people who migrate to Australia though, they head for one of the big cities with Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the very busy Sydney topping the […]

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Really Cold Places in Australia

17 July 2015 Australian Climate

On Wednesday we had a look at Brisbane’s so-called ‘cold snap’ in my post called It’s My Traditional Winter versus Summer Weather Battle. As you will have seen, it wasn’t really that cold at all in my home city, but elsewhere around Australia it has been cold. Jolly cold. Snow in Australia Three years ago […]

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It’s My Traditional Winter versus Summer Weather Battle

15 July 2015 Australian Climate

Have you ever started to do something on a regular basis and then you find you just can’t stop? That’s exactly what’s happening right here, right now, on this website. It’s time for my traditional Brisbane’s winter versus London’s summer weather comparison. Brisbane’s winter versus London’s summer compared 2015 Yes, this particular head-to-head has been […]

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At What Age Do Children Start School in Australia?

13 July 2015 Life in Australia

Today, Elizabeth went back to school after the two-week winter holiday break. Elizabeth is 11 years old, she is in Grade 6 which is her final year of primary school and next year, in January, she will go to high school for her secondary education. High school will give her another six years of education, […]

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What You Need to Know about Living in New South Wales or Queensland

10 July 2015 Life in Australia

If you are thinking of moving to New South Wales or Queensland, there’s something you need to know. I was tempted to say that this information is probably more important to you if you’re a bloke, but then I thought better of that. This information is crucial for anyone, whether guy or girl, considering living […]

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