Australia’s Santa Claus; What’s He Like?

19 December 2014 Australia vs UK

That’s a stupid question really, isn’t it? We all know there is only one Santa Claus and the poor man has a lot of presents to deliver on Christmas Eve. Never mind all the houses he has to visit, what about all those countries? He must get ‘cream crackered’ as we would say in England. […]

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Time to Go Christmas Toy Shopping in Australia

17 December 2014 Cost of Living - Australia

As Christmas descends upon us it is time again to go shopping for toys; well, they don’t all come from Santa… In particular I want to compare prices between Australia and the UK. I’ve done this a few times before in previous years, notably… The Cost of Living in Australia: Buying Toys in November 2009 […]

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Top Holiday Destinations in Australia Part 2

15 December 2014 Australia's Places

Last Monday in my post Top Holiday Destinations in Australia I started working through all the Australian destinations I’ve been to so far from the full top 100 list. The list I’m talking about is “The 100 Greatest Holidays of Australia” by Australian Traveller. Turns out I’ve only been to 14 out of the top […]

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Canberra: Home of the Largest LED Light Display in the World

12 December 2014 Life in Australia

On Fridays, as you probably know, I like to look around Australia to see what’s going on elsewhere. Of course, I don’t study the news to do this, I just head straight over to YouTube and search for recent videos from each of our major cities. This week though, what with it being just 13 […]

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Finding a Job and Somewhere to Live in Australia

10 December 2014 Life in Australia

There’s not much that can rival the excitement of arriving in a new country for the very first time. Having stepped off the plane, you navigate your double luggage allowance through to customs who confirm your residency status and waive you through. Yes, you’ve finally arrived in Australia to start your new life. So much […]

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Top Holiday Destinations in Australia

8 December 2014 Australia's Places

Private schools have already broken up for the long summer holidays here and on Friday state schools will be joining them. Some of those private schools can have seven or eight weeks off, state schools though tend to only have about six. So not too different from summer holidays in the UK, but because our […]

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Wombats in Australia: Cute, Protected and You’ll Want One

5 December 2014 Australia's Bad Things

If you remember, last Friday I mentioned that “I had an amazingly cute video to show you about an Aussie native cuddly furry animal…” but I switched videos at the last minute. Well, Brisbane had had its worst storm since the 80s, so I showed you the mess made by that instead. I promised my […]

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G’day Mate!

3 December 2014 Life in Australia
ANZ Sept 14

Of all the pages and all the posts I’ve written on this website, I’ve never once given any of them the title of “G’day Mate!”, after all, it’s just not a proper title, is it? Well, it is today. This is another one of my reprints of articles I’ve written for Australia and New Zealand […]

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