Royal Shows in Australia: When the City Meets the Country

18 August 2014 Entertainment Australia

“Over 400,000 visitors, oodles of fun, a million-dollar light show and 145,001 strawberry sundaes over a massive 10 days.” Well, that’s what the commentator says at the end of the EKKA highlights video I’ll show you later in this post, although my understanding is that the total attendance only actually reached 380,000. Coming soon: Month of […]

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Dingoes and Wild Dogs in Australia

15 August 2014 Australia's Bad Things

Earlier in the week three dingoes attacked a man on Fraser Island. He was confronted by the animals as he walked along the beach on Monday night. He was bitten and scratched but managed to escape and was taken to Hervey Bay Hospital for treatment. I knew there were dingoes on Fraser Island, I’ve seen […]

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Show Day Holidays in Australia

13 August 2014 Entertainment Australia

What is a Show Day holiday? Good question. Well, today, here in Brisbane, it’s been “People’s Day”. I won’t tell you what People’s Day is because, you won’t be surprised to hear, we had People’s Day last year and I explained it all in my post called People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need […]

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Housing Styles in Australia and the UK Compared

11 August 2014 Australia vs UK

First, houses in the UK Today we are going to be looking at houses, lots of them. Look, here’s one already… That used to be my house, it’s where I lived when I was a young child, from around 2 to 14. There were about 100 or so houses in my street, and they pretty […]

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Things To Do in Adelaide: An Update

8 August 2014 Australia's Places

I thoroughly enjoyed our cycling around the cities series which came to an end last week with Cycling on the Sunshine Coast. I do realise that this website can often be a little Brisbane centric and the cycling posts gave us a good excuse to get away from my city for a while and have […]

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Melbourne’s ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ Weather

6 August 2014 Australian Climate

Time for another digital reprint of one of my articles for Australia and New Zealand magazine, this piece appeared in their May edition. It seems a long time ago now that I spent A Week in Melbourne and I certainly noticed something very un-Brisbane like during that trip. Magazine called it… Melbourne madness It’s time […]

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Wild Weather Hits Victoria and Tasmania, Southern Australia

4 August 2014 Australian Climate

Last Wednesday I was kind of bragging about the rising temperatures here in Brisbane even though we were still in the middle month of winter. In the post about Brisbane’s Winters the temperature on the day was around 26°C and the forecast was for it to get even hotter. Well, on Friday in some parts […]

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Cycling on the Sunshine Coast: The Hinterland, Beaches and Charity

1 August 2014 Australia's Places
Sunny Coast

If you think you’ve just had a déjà vu moment, you haven’t. The title is just incredibly similar to last week’s post Cycling on the Gold Coast: The Hinterland, Beaches and Charity. Let me explain. Last week we saw three videos about cycling on the Gold Coast, but anything that Goldie can do, the Sunny […]

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