Liking the Huntsman Spider

26 August 2015 Australia's Bad Things

The natural tendency when confronted by a spider that’s almost the size of your own hand is to be scared, very scared. In the eight years I’ve lived in Australia so far though, I’ve learned to like one of Australia’s biggest spiders, the Huntsman spider. And that’s what I decided to write about for Australia […]

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Australia: The Place to Be to Watch the English Premier League

24 August 2015 Australia vs UK

As football fans around the world will know, the English Premier League (EPL), sometimes also referred to as the Barclays Premier League (BPL) kicked off again a few weeks ago. Last time I wrote about English Football on Australian Television was in 2009, so I am overdue an update. With the new season well underway, […]

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Whale Asks a Fisherman for a Hand; Rescue in Sydney

21 August 2015 Australia's Bad Things

As you probably know, I’ve been whale watching a few times, never had much luck. If you want to know precisely how much luck I’ve never had with this, read my post called Whale Watching in Australia: What’s it Really Like? That doesn’t mean I don’t admire these massive creatures though, I think they are […]

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32B Smith Street, A Plain and Simple Address

19 August 2015 Life in Australia

32B Smith Street. When you think of an address like that, what do you imagine in your head? Specifically, I wonder what kind of picture you have formed if you live in the UK, and if it’s any different to what is being imagined by those in say, the US, or here in Australia? I’ll […]

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Individual Income Tax Rates Australia and UK Compared 2015/16

17 August 2015 Australia vs UK

Benjamin Franklin once said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Today I’m going to talk about the second certainty on his list, taxes. Every so often I like to check the income tax rates in Australia and compare them to those in the UK. Last time I […]

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The World’s Biggest Fun Run, Probably…

14 August 2015 Entertainment Australia

On one or two websites where I’ve looked, this race is billed as ‘the world’s biggest fun run’, but I’m not sure about that. Other websites disagree with that label, citing three, four or even five races that may be bigger. But let us not get too concerned about that, let’s just call it big. […]

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Hello possums! Spotting Possums in Australia

12 August 2015 Australia's Bad Things

Today is actually a holiday in my area of Brisbane, it’s known as Peoples Day. It’s so that everybody can go to the EKKA and if you don’t know what that is, then this is for you: People’s Day in Brisbane and Everything You Need to Know About the EKKA For me it means a […]

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Expats: The Rules in Sport of Supporting Your Team

10 August 2015 Entertainment Australia

I’m not a cricket fan; football is my sport of choice. But I am aware that there is a thing called ‘The Ashes’ which is a Test cricket series played between my old country, England, and my new one, Australia. This series, which is played every couple of years, is currently taking place right now. […]

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