Why Most People Live on the East Coast of Australia Explained

12 February 2016 Australia's Places

A couple of weeks ago in my post called Things To Do In and Around Coffs Harbour I put up a photograph of Dangar Falls which are in Dorrigo. I also posted two photographs of The Great Dividing Range, one of which looked like this… Dorrigo itself is in the Great Dividing Range, specifically the […]

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Supermarkets: Australia and The UK Compared

10 February 2016 Australia vs UK

I have written about supermarkets before a few times, you’ll see some links sprinkled throughout this article that will take you to them. I’d not written about supermarkets though for Australia and New Zealand magazine, not until recently anyway. This article appeared in the magazine’s November edition and they gave it the following title. Supermarket […]

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Australian Roads with Very Few Cars on Them

8 February 2016 Australia's Places

About a month ago I wrote an article called Driving Out Of Town in Australia when I posted pictures of roads as I, you’ve guessed it, drove out of town. The towns, well cities, I drove out of were Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Regular reader djmcbell noted in the comments that there weren’t very many […]

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What I Really Hate About Australia

5 February 2016 Australia's Bad Things

Nanny state laws, that’s what I really hate! My days of drinking in pubs and clubs until 5 AM in the morning are long behind me. But a big night out on the town is a big part of life for younger people, it’s what entices them to live in big cities. For most people, […]

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Avoiding the Motorways and Taking the Back Roads in Australia

3 February 2016 Australia's Places
country roads

As you know, a couple of weeks ago we had a holiday in Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales coast. We’d driven down using the motorway, known as the Pacific Highway and also Highway 1. I’ve written about that road before and added a video about it in my post called I Love The […]

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Staying Safe on Australian Roads: Our Biggest Danger

1 February 2016 Life in Australia

For many countries I would imagine the biggest dangers driving on the roads would be fog, rain, or maybe even snow. Not here, not in Australia. I was reminded of this as we drove along the Pacific Highway towards Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago. My satnav gave me a warning that, unless you […]

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A Short Film about a Large Lizard, with a Surprise Ending

29 January 2016 Australia's Bad Things
lace monitor

Time to wrap up our one-week special about Coffs Harbour, and I’m going to do it with a video. Yes, it’s been quite some time since I posted one of my own videos up on YouTube, but technically speaking, this isn’t one of mine. For the entire week, my daughter Elizabeth and her two friends […]

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Things To Do In and Around Coffs Harbour

27 January 2016 Australia's Places
Dangar Falls

As you drive into Coffs Harbour, one of the first things you will notice is the Big Banana, mostly because, well, there is a big banana… As usual, you can click on any of these images to enlarge them. The kids spent a thoroughly enjoyable four hours in the Big Banana, they just loved the […]

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