Taxes on Fuel: UK and Australia Compared

29 October 2014 Australia vs UK

There’s a bit of a hullabaloo going on here in Australia at the moment about tax on petrol which is due to rise on November 10th. When that date arrives I will have lived here in Australia for seven years, barring for just four days. In all that time, I’ve never heard any mention of […]

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Good Morning Brisbane! Early Risers in Australia

27 October 2014 Life in Australia
Night owl

On Sunday Mrs Bob went on another one of her excruciatingly long charity walks. Last time she did this, you will recall, she walked 55 kilometres in the Oxfam Trailwalker 2014. The walk this weekend though was just a mere 35 kilometres. It started at Woody Point… Then across the Houghton Highway, a road that […]

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Tasmania: a Top 10 Holiday Destination for 2015

24 October 2014 Australia's Places

It’s at this time of the week that we get to have a look around elsewhere in Australia. I like to keep it topical if I can and tie in with something recent in the news and then top it all off with a YouTube video. This week my choice was made very easy with […]

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Preparing for Summer Part Three: Snake in the Loft!

22 October 2014 Life in Australia

We’ve been spending the last few weeks preparing for summer. Yes, every year as the weather warms up there are certain precautions that may not ‘need’ doing, but it’s a good idea if you do. So far we’ve had… Preparing for Summer Part One: Mosquitoes Preparing for Summer Part Two: Severe Weather Today we will […]

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Live Music in the West End and Fright Night at Movie World

20 October 2014 Entertainment Australia
motor room

Mrs Bob and I went our separate ways at the weekend, only temporarily, of course. Mrs Bob took off to the Gold Coast with some friends and three little girls on tow. Our daughter and a couple of her pals, so two girls aged 10 and one age 8. They were off to Movie World […]

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Sydney’s Severe Weather and a Stradbroke Island Close Encounter

17 October 2014 Life in Australia

I’ve got two quite stunning videos for you today as I bring you the latest and most noteworthy news from around Australia. On Wednesday I mentioned Sydney’s severe weather and gave you the briefest details of the rain, snow and gale force winds that engulfed the area. Words though cannot compete with the footage on […]

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Preparing for Summer Part Two: Severe Weather

15 October 2014 Australian Climate

It’s been another glorious day here in Brisbane, the Mercury nudging up around 26-27°C, very nice. Just the kind of temperature I like and the skies couldn’t have been a better shade of blue. That’s why I was shocked to hear of the wild weather that smashed into Sydney last night. I’ve read the online […]

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The World Harmony Society’s Children’s Festival 2014 at Springfield

13 October 2014 Entertainment Australia

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Springfield before on this blog, that’s where we found ourselves on Saturday afternoon for the World Harmony Society’s Children’s Festival 2014. If Springfield were in the UK, I reckon we would call it a ‘new town'; according to Wikipedia, here it is known as a ‘satellite city’… “Springfield is a […]

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