Unwelcome immigrants in Australia

16 April 2014 Australia's Bad Things

Continuing my catch up of articles that have appeared in Australia and New Zealand magazine, here is a digital version of the story that appeared in the January 2014 edition. I’m okay, I’ve got the magazine, so whilst I read mine from here… …you can read it for free here… Unwelcome immigrants It was some […]

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Cyclone Ita, Queensland: What’s the Damage?

14 April 2014 Australian Climate

Fishermen eh, what are they like? I’ll get to that in a minute. If you read Friday’s post called Cyclone Ita Heading for Cooktown, FNQ you would have heard about a cyclone called Ita which was heading for Cooktown in Far North Queensland. Yes, the title kind of nailed it. So, what happened? Cyclone Ita […]

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Cyclone Ita Heading for Cooktown, FNQ

11 April 2014 Australian Climate

I’m currently writing tonight’s post on my wife’s computer. My PC has been playing up lately and today it showed me the BSOD, or to give it it’s full name, the Blue Screen of Death. If you don’t really know what that means, it’s the equivalent of the robot, B-9, from Lost in Space running […]

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Call That a Plant? Gigantic Growths in Australian Gardens

9 April 2014 Life in Australia

Last Wednesday I released my sixth full-year video in my post called Moving to Australia for the Kids: Our Sixth Full Year in Australia. For the two Wednesdays before that though, I’ve been trying to catch up with my reprints of articles that have appeared in Australia and New Zealand magazine as I’ve really fallen […]

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Immigration to Australia Needs to Be Halted for At Least a Decade

7 April 2014 Life in Australia

Don’t worry, that’s not the official view. Not everybody likes immigrants and some people will do whatever they can to try and stop people from wanting to moving here to Australia from overseas. One such person decided to leave a comment on this website over the weekend, meet… Joe The picture is not really Joe, […]

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Multiculturalism in Melbourne: From the Multicultural Festival

4 April 2014 Life in Australia

Today’s video is very long, so I will keep this very short. The video is also not for everybody, so I am also going to give you a choice of two videos to watch. If YouTube viewers are anything to go by, you’ll probably choose the second video. At the time of writing, both videos […]

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Moving to Australia for the Kids: Our Sixth Full Year in Australia

2 April 2014 Life in Australia

Time to reflect back on 2013. Actually, it’s way past time, I should have reflected on last year sometime in January really, but this is not the first year I’ve been late. What am I talking about? It’s time for another of my ‘summing up a full year in a five-minute–ish video’ videos and this […]

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Brisbane; Worlds Ugliest City: a Philosopher’s View

31 March 2014 Australia's Places

Last week a man whose name I shan’t even bother to mention flew in to Brisbane to promote a book the title of which has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. The only important words in the above statement are ‘promote’ and ‘book’. Next thing we know is that this man’s name is plastered all over our […]

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